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What makes our team and player shots different from the rest?  Lots of things, but consider these:

First, we approach sports photography as a portrait – not “just a sports picture”.  We know what makes a portrait timeless, and we apply this to every player and every team we photograph.  

Second, we work great with kids of all ages, even as young as 3.  Hey, if the players are having fun, the image reflects it!  

Third, unlike other studios, we NEVER consider the images of your children “good enough” simply because they’re “only” sports photos.  Hey, these are your kids here!  

Fourth – we have the skills to create an art piece, not just a photo.  Randy teaches other photographers across the US how to get the look in their images that he provides.  

And last but not least, we are your Sports Multi-Image Studio.  We always give you multiple images to choose from, even the team image, and we NEVER ask you to purchase until you see them!


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